Irma, Alberta

Bar Heart Ranch

Gordan & Lana Holt

Bar Heart and Bennett Ranches & Guest Consignors Annual Horse Sale

AUGUST 12, 2017

Preview 11:00 am  - Sale 2:00 pm

At The Ranch - Irma, Alberta


Welcome to our 20th sale. The horses offered in our sale are from people that use them for a living and know how to handle them. They are exposed to all aspects of ranch work.

I believe when training a horse you start from the ground and build brick by brick, there cannot be any short cuts and always finish on a good note.

It’s a lot of work to put a sale on, we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to family and friends for their help. Thanks to Clay and Kim for the use of their facilities!

You are welcome to visit the ranch anytime to have a look or try a horse out.

Thank you to all,




Bar Heart Ranch Class in Session