Irma, Alberta

Bar Heart Ranch

Gordan & Lana Holt

Bar Heart Ranch & Consignors Annual Horse Sale

AUGUST 6, 2016

Offering 45 Head

Preview 11:00 am  - Sale 2:00 pm

At The Ranch - Irma, Alberta

Welcome to our sale. There are eight ranches with us, all from people who use horses for a living and know how to handle them. They are exposed to all aspects of ranch work.


I believe when training a horse, you start from the ground up and build brick by brick. There cannot be any short cuts and always finish on a good note. Anything that likes to buck is quickly eliminated from the program.


It’s a lot of work to put a sale on. We would like to extend a big thank you to family and friends for their help. A big thank you goes out to Clay and Kim Holt for the use of their facilities.


You are welcome to visit the ranch anytime to take a look or try a horse out.

Thank you to all,


Bar Heart Ranch Class in Session